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On Thursday 2 December,  Holland Semiconductor will host a Roadmap Electronics webinar. These events are organized in partnership with the Top Sector High Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM). In this edition, the keynote speech “RF in RADAR: Where Waves Matter” will be delivered by Frank van Vliet, Principal scientist at TNO and Professor at the University of Twente.
The High Tech Systems and Materials Roadmap Electronics organizes a range of webinars on microwaves. Shortly after the demonstration, in the late 1800s, by Heinrich Hertz, of radio waves and the consequent demonstration of communication by radio waves as well as the first radar experiments in 1904, the development of radar and in particular microwave technology advanced rapidly to reveal an endless range of applications.

The webinars will guide you through the interesting world of microwave technology and its applications. Next to use cases as well as the latest developments and R&D programs. Today, microwaves are the driving engine behind many applications, including:

Communications. Long-range telephone connections Wireless LAN, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc, Wide Area Mobile Broadband Wireless Access, Cable TV, internet access, Microwave radio, cell phone, satellite communication, 5G/6G networks.
Remote Sensing. Presence and object detection, radiometry, radio astronomy, Terahertz imaging, weather observation, ground probing, earth observation.
Radar. Surveillance, autonomous driving, airborne and space radar, (air) traffic control.
Industrial and Biomedical. Microwave imaging, thermotherapy, process control, monitoring.
Navigation. GNSS, GPS.
Power. Heating of food, drying/curing products, plasma generation for e.g PECVD, power transmission over long ranges.
Just to name a few. Microwaves are everywhere around us!

Interested to learn more about microwaves, their applications, and how they may support your business? Join our range of webinars on microwave technology

Time | 15.30-16.30
Location | Online session

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