Health Valley: the secret of successful cooperation in healthcare!

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The government strongly urges healthcare organisations to cooperate. With each other, but also with municipalities and care providers. However, scientific research shows that 2 out of 3 collaborations do not achieve their goals. The collaborations fail due to a lack of cooperation skills. Our partner Dispicio organises this special roundtable webinar together with a director and innovation manager, to explain how to make collaborations successful. Among other things, they explain how they use the 3-C Alliance Scan, composed of the themes Culture, Capacity and Conditions, to test which skills can be improved within the healthcare organisation and in the partnership to significantly increase the chances of success. The scan can be used to refloat stalled collaborations or to get planned alliances off to a flying start, but it can also be used to gain insight into why an internal collaboration is proceeding with difficulty.

We talk to:
– Dispicio: Henry Goverde
– Dispicio: Jan Verdonk
– Director/Project responsible for partnership
– Innovation manager care organisation

For whom: Innovation managers, project managers and directors at care organisations and municipalities, participants in a collaborative arrangement

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Health Valley webinar

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