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The Covid-pandemic has shown that the development of new techniques are important for drug discovery. A good example is the recent development of RNA-based vaccine. But every few years a fundamentally new technique will be on the market to improve discovery and development.

  • HCM Medical: Christian van Munster (Chair)
  • Byondis: Ruud Couwman (Keynote)
  • Roche: Anneke Post (Keynote)

Round table: Novel Techniques

During this round table discussion we will address the importance of new techniques like novel RNA techniques, Nano technologies and CRISPR Cas. These techniques increasingly allow us to design molecules with a pre-determined function & use instead of time consuming trial & error.

Round table: AI

The last decade has seen an enormous amount of digitalization of many sectors including also the pharmaceutical sector. This ranges from data collection during development processes to new, better and more precise measurements of molecules. That data and Artificial Intelligence is not only used to optimize productivity in the development phase & in the clinical trial phase, but also in repurposing. During this round table discussion we will talk about several examples how the use of big data and advanced Artificial Intelligence will lead to new approaches of drugs discovery.

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