Ending chronic wounds!

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Wounds that do not heal have a great impact on a person’s life; for example, people cannot walk or work, there is shame or people become isolated. It also has a great impact on the environment. In addition to these inconveniences, there are also high financial costs for society. In the Netherlands alone, the costs are estimated at 2 billion a year. The 5-year survival rate of people with non-closing wounds is lower than that of people with breast cancer and prostate cancer. So the urgency to solve this is high! On 2 November we are therefore organising this webinar together with our partner Plasmacure, in which we will discuss the problem from the practitioner’s and patient’s perspective and look at how to speed up possible solutions.

Topics include:

  • Plasmacure
  • Product/service user
  • Researcher/results
  • Patient perspective: Diabetes Association
  • Insurer
    For whom: Health insurers, care providers (doctors, nurses, hospitals and home care), patient association.
    Date: November 2
    Time: 10.00-10.45

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