CITC and Yole Développement organize Power and RF Packaging Virtual Forums

Packaging technologies are expanding the boundaries of RF and power applications

Challenges have emerged for both applications concerning the integration of devices and systems – and to ensure these applications’ continued evolution and activity development, packaging is the strategic answer.

With increased functionalities, companies must refine their ability to integrate more and more components on the same die while proposing an exceptionally reliable final product.

Save the date in your agenda today and let’s meet online on November 24 and December 1, 2020!



Power electronics plays a major role in today’s fast-paced world. Its key driving factors include electrical power-conversion optimization and expansion, driven by electrification trends in transportation, CO2 emission reduction goals, the development of clean electricity sources, and industrialization.

Choosing the right packaging solution is obviously key for power-related applications where reliability and safety play a major role.


Intended topics for the Power Packaging Forum are:

> High thermal performance die-attach > Packaging technology for power electronics > New materials and technologies for power packaging > Global developments affecting power packaging technology   More information can be seen in the event page of Power Packaging Virtual Forum.  


RF electronics is currently experiencing strong growth, driven mostly by 5G requirements and connected devices. Innovation is needed for the design and materials used, thus pushing the supply chain to explore new developments and more complex business models.

> Intended topics for the RF Packaging Forum are:

> Package simulation and design for RF (20 – 120 GHz) > Antenna-in-package / antenna-on-chip / antenna-on-substrate / antenna-on-board > New materials and technologies for RF packaging > Global developments affecting RF packaging technology   More information can be seen in the event page of RF Packaging Virtual Forum.  


Sponsorship of these Yole Développement- and CITC-designed forums represents an invaluable opportunity for visibility amongst the industry’s key players and decision makers. We offer several different sponsorship options, so discover our offers now and pursue the one that best suits your company’s needs.

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