Winkelsteeg: Our city neighbors are expanding

30 November 2022 -

Winkelsteeg: Our city neighbors are expanding with several thousand homes and numerous new businesses.

Possibly by the end of this year and otherwise early next year, construction of five hundred new homes in Winkelsteeg will start. This is the beginning of a total metamorphosis of this area where there will be between 4,500 and 5,500 new homes and numerous businesses. The total budget for the project: 326 million. Municipality of Nijmegen is investing between 80 and 82 million.

In the middle of these development ambitions is the Noviotech Campus, the sustainable business park between the Goffertpark and the Maas-Waal Canal.

Thus the Winkelsteeg with its many new homes and Noviotech Campus with many new companies will soon become a dynamic area, for more work and with more space for meeting and relaxation. A lively, centrally located neighborhood, ready for the future!

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