Teamscope is an Electronic Data Capture (EDC) app for clinical studies. One of the pioneers who took part in the first Rockstart accelerator program and still resides at the Novio Tech Campus.

The company offers a mobile app, with which researchers can collect, share and analyze data for clinical studies. ‘This is especially helpful in developing countries where there is a pressing need to improve clinical research infrastructure,’ says founder Diego Menchaca from Chili. He started his company three years ago. Already more than fifty clinical studies have used the Teamscope app. ‘All throughout Africa and even in the Himalaya’s.’

Disruptive change

Mobile healthcare solutions will make a disruptive change in developing countries, is the firm belief of Menchaca. ‘Smartphones are becoming highly accessible and with every new model more powerful, robust and competent. It’s exhilarating to see the potential that mobile technologies have in improving access to quality healthcare.’

Although Diego could base his company anywhere, he prefers Novio Tech Campus. ‘I am very happy to live here. People are warm and generous. At the campus I have close relationships with various mentors such as John Schalken. Here I meet very interesting people, like investors and partners. It’s an inspiring place to be. Things do happen here.’