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Novio Tech Campus is the hotspot for Health and High Tech innovation in the Netherlands. From a preventive malaria-drug, to a new generation of chips. It’s happening at Novio Tech Campus: Where Innovation Works!

Where Innovation Works

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When we started Novio Tech Campus, we had a clear goal: becoming the Health and High Tech hotspot of the Netherlands. Five years have passed since then and the campus is now home to around 75 companies, providing jobs for over 3,400 people. The campus is a lively community and a great place to be. There’s a lot of interaction between the various buildings and companies, and new business premises are being constructed. So, all in all, things are moving forward.


Once the largest semiconductor production plant of Europe, nowadays a breeding ground for innovations in Health and High Tech.  Open innovation between researchers and entrepreneurs in Health and High Tech leads to growth, boosting the development of products and services for a better, healthier world. High Tech know-how is applied to innovations in Health, impacting our daily lives, now and in the future. Find below a caption of some important milestones.


Facts & Figures

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High Tech is in our DNA

1953: Philips established the largest European production plant of semiconductors in Nijmegen. 2021: Novio Tech Campus has become an flourishing ecosystem where world-class chip companies work closely together. A couple of High Tech facts:

  • 3 world-class semiconductor companies: NXP, Ampleon, Nexperia.
  • Largest and most advanced semiconductor production plant of Europe.
  • All cars that are currently produced worldwide contain chips from Nijmegen.
  • Over 60 years of knowledge on semiconductor on site.
  • 30% of phone calls worldwide use RF technology from Nijmegen.


// Ampleon

Based in Health Valley

Novio Tech Campus is located in Nijmegen, internationally known as a hotspot for Health innovation. The city is home to renown knowledge institutes like Radboudumc, Radboud University, Donders Institute, Maartenskliniek and so on. These institutes are a breeding ground for innovations and talent in Health.  


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