Innovation companies in Health and High Tech sometimes wish to subject a laboratory developed product to further testing and measuring in a pilot plant, before proceeding with large-scale production. We can be your partner in realising this.

Your own premises

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There are still a few plots available on the grounds of Novio Tech Campus where you can build your own building for your innovative organization. Of course you can also rent space in the existing buildings, but you should also consider putting up your own premises. We would be happy to help you weigh up the options and explore the advantages of your own building. Thanks to the network and ecosystem of Novio Tech Campus we can take care of many practical matters related to realise a building. 

EPR partner

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EPR partner was the first company to realise their own building at Novio Tech Campus. They guide high tech products throughout their entire lifecycle and strive for the utmost for themselves and their technology. Being a crucial partner for companies in the entire High Tech value chain, settling on campus has further strengthened this role. Next to that, “the people and companies here make great things and are passionate about what they do. They inspire us to go even further.” 

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