Next to cleanrooms and laboratories, Novio Tech Campus offers an innovative office environment. You can settle in existing offices, or we can develop them together with you, matching your specific needs. 

Novio Tech Campus has multiple office options in multiple buildings. From large to small offices and shared offices and flex spaces. It is possible to customize the offices. According to your own work routing, whether or not in combination with other spaces and facilities such as clean rooms or laboratories. Together with our partner, Kadans Science Partner, we can think along with you about the right design and can take care of the entire process.

Working in the landmark of innovation.


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52Nijmegen, formerly FiftyTwoDegrees, with its height of 86 meters and 18 floors, is a real landmark for Nijmegen and its surroundings. Thanks to the special kink in the facade, it forms an inviting gesture to visitors and users. 52Nijmegen offers more than 25,000 m2 of rentable floor space consisting of offices, laboratories, meeting rooms, a bar and restaurant. There is also ample parking space on two underground floors. 

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Start Up Space

As a startup, you sometimes don’t need much. A desk, great coffee and fast wifi-connection. Especially for startups in Health and High Tech, we launched the Kadans Startup Space: the co-working area of the campus where new ideas, business support and entrepreneurial minds come together on a daily basis.


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