A broad range of new developments will arise in the new multi-tenant building at Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen. A building that will accommodate businesses that operate on the cutting edge of Health and High tech. As Roman poet Horatius already said: ‘ab ovo’ – ‘from the early beginnings’ the best things arise.

A structure with fixed elements

The fixed elements in AB/OVO, such as elevators, emergency stairwells and technical shafts are positioned on the darkest parts of the floor plan, to ensure minimal disruption. The central atrium provides the building with extra light & air, and at the same time stimulates meetings and the exchange of knowledge between the various businesses and the people they employ. An environment as driving factor for innovation. AB/OVO will offer high-quality facilities. Not only can various types of laboratories be realised, the building will also house a pilot hall to offer its tenants a wide range of test options. It goes without saying that the building will be developed from a sustainable philosophy, in which we will seek a minimum impact on nature both in the construction and the operational phases.

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A building with a beating heart

The communal elements, such as meeting rooms, open staircases and coffee facilities, are positioned in the centre of the building. This creates a beating heart, which connects the two atriums. The central position on campus (now and in the future) and the transparency of the facade will turn the building into a true eye catcher. An example of the dynamic growth of the campus and of the enterprises it facilitates. 

For many, AB/OVO will become the public image of the technological development on Novio Tech Campus!



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