NTC Privacy statement

Novio Tech Campus BV (hereafter: ‘Novio Tech Campus’, ‘we’ or ‘our’) attaches great value
to your privacy. Novio Tech Campus doesn’t obtain many personal data. However, if we do
so, it is only to improve our services and the way our clients, partners and others experience
our products. Please read this privacy statement thoroughly, as it points out our procedures
and processes regarding your privacy.

Any questions regarding this privacy statement, may be regarded to:
Novio Tech Campus BV
Transistorweg 7-N
6534 AT Nijmegen
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0) 24 204 90 60
Web: www.noviotechcampus.com
E-mail: info@noviotechcampus.com

Novio Tech Campus obtains your personal information in two occasions:

1. Contactform
Through our contactform it’s possible to reach out to Novio Tech Campus, with a question or
request. The contactform consists of the following elements:
– Name
– E-mail address
– Phone number

When getting in touch with Novio Tech Campus through the contactform, you allow us to
save and use the data mentioned above.
2. Online newsletter
When you choose to sign up to our newsletter, you will be asked for permission twice. First
your sign up on our website. On the website we ask you to fill in:
– First and last name
– Company name
– E-mail address
After signing up on our website you will receive a confirmation e-mail, where you can
confirm your subscription to our newsletter. By subscribing to our newsletter, you agree on
being added to the Novio Tech Campus newsletter-list.

Why we obtain your personal information
Novio Tech Campus wants to stay in touch with all its relations: (potential) residents,
partners, interested individuals, etc. We can’t do that without necessary personal info, like
your e-mail address. We only use this data to for the following purposes:
Keeping you updated on relevant news
A lot is going on at Novio Tech Campus and in the region of Nijmegen. We want to keep you
informed on the campus and this region by sending a monthly newsletter to everybody who
has ever signed up for the addressee-list via our webiste.
Taking part in our events
Novio Tech Campus organizes many events; for startups and experienced entrepreneurs who
are active in Health and/or High Tech. We mention the events in our monthly newsletter and
send separate e-mails with the exclusive intention of informing you about the event.
Applications and recruitment
In order to process a job application, we ask for personal details. The information you share
with us through e-mail and telephone are preserved until four weeks after the application
procedure. If we think about contacting you again in the future for any vacancy, we will ask
your permission for storing your information for the period of one year.
Legal obligations
We process personal data in order to fulfil legal obligations, like administrative issues.

We don’t sell or share
Novio Tech Campus only obtains your personal data if acquired on a legal basis, by the
regulations of AVG (GDPR):
• For performing any agreement;
• Because of a lawful obligation;
• With your permission;
• Because of a justified interest.
So, we don’t sell your data to third parties and preserve them no longer than necessary for
the purpose we collected and recorded them for. With the companies that process your data
in our request, we arranged a processing agreement. This way we can ensure the safety and
security of your personal data. Novio Tech Campus however stays responsible for the
processing of your data.

Your rights
Novio Tech Campus takes the security of your personal data very serious. We see to it that
loss, unallowed access, unwanted use or violation are prevented. Also, you have every right
to look into, change or delete your information from our database. If you get the idea that
your personal data are not safely protected or if you want a look inside the information we
have of you, please contact us on: info@noviotechcampus.com. We will get in touch with
you as soon as possible (most likely within four weeks).

Cookies, or comparable techniques, we use
Novio Tech Campus wants to continuously improve the content and usability of its website.
We use Google Analytics for keeping track of the browsing behaviour of our website visitors.
Novio Tech Campus doesn’t use cookies.

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