Novio Tech Campus is more than a place to work. It’s a living environment. The community of over 75 companies, offers boundless opportunities for your growth. Both personal, and professional. 

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With over 75 companies on Novio Tech Campus, a lot of activity takes place. There are many opportunities for great jobs and career prospects. Keep an eye on the vacancies on our website, and who knows, maybe you will make the next step in your career at Novio Tech Campus? Also take a look at the companies on their own page. There you will find much more interesting information or vacancies at other locations in the Netherlands or abroad.

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We intensively work together with (local) governmental institutions, networking parties, multinationals and knowledge institutions for accelerating entrepreneurs.

Novio Tech Campus is a founding partner of Briskr: Health and High Tech Generator. This regional development program stimulates companies and people to make a bigger impact on health and high tech. Briskr Academy helps companies and theri employees to grow and develop. We do this together with partners active in all parts of the triple helix.

Read more about Briskr at the website.

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Starting a job abroad is a lifechanging development. Together with our partners, we try to support internationals in finding their way around the city. Initiatives like The Life Net are a great platform to start your journey. For international students, International Students Work might be interesting to have a look at. And, of course, at the campus we offer several opportunities as mingle with fellow campus residents and get an even better connection within our open and thriving environment. 


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Angelo Andres (Odyssey) and Suzanne Blij (Nexperia) about working at world-class hightech companies on our campus.

Dutch Technology Week

During the Dutch Technology Week 2019, we organized the ‘High Tech Ontdekkingsroute’: a route through Nijmegen, showing people around the High Tech innovations of the city.

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