Women in Health and High Tech – Anna Walesieniuk: meaningful work in exciting times

The health and high-tech industries are still seen as predominantly male, but at Novio Tech Campus, these women are paving the way for the future. Like Anna Walesieniuk, product marketing director at Ampleon, who is at the forefront of exciting developments in broadband technology.

Amazing people from all over the world
When Anna was finishing her studies back in Poland, where she grew up, a delegation from Philips visited her university. They offered her an internship, which brought her to the Netherlands. As a designer of power amplifiers, Anna traveled the world, working in several countries before returning to the Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen. She now works at Ampleon. “The semiconductor world is very international. As part of my work, I met amazing people and was exposed to many cultures all over the world.”

Ampleon’s technology is an important part of the infrastructure needed to make phone calls or establish an internet connection. “Macro base stations are my portfolio. I am basically advertising the work Ampleon designers do; my former job. It is important for us to maintain close connections with big companies in the phone industry like Nokia. Our products are reliable, and that’s what I convey to our partners.”

It's like Star Wars
Anna is clearly excited about the developments in her field of work. “The developments in 5G technology are like something out of Star Wars.” The result of the groundbreaking work in high tech will be noticeable within our lifetime, she says. “Most likely, autonomous vehicles, or self-driving cars, are something you and I will experience. There is no doubt that our children will grow up thinking this is normal. But the technology is developing at such a pace that it is realistic to expect that we will see it happen as well.” Anna is delighted to be a part of these kinds of technological advances: “It’s great to see from up close how we are turning the seemingly impossible into something real.”

Health and high tech: important industries
Working in an international setting requires an understanding of many cultures. “I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time abroad, for instance in Shanghai. Part of our team is based there, and having spent time there, I can reflect on why they do things a certain way. That way, I can understand them instead of judging and trying to fix how they work.”

After a long spell of working from home, Anna looks forward to working at the Novio Tech Campus again. “It’s nice to see that more companies are moving to the Campus. It shows the importance of our industry, and I consider them healthy competition.” Being on Campus has advantages beyond the presence of other companies that work on health and high-tech solutions, she says. “It’s a pleasant place to work, with lots of green around the buildings. Very inviting!”

Big expectations, big impact
Like most companies in the semiconductor industry, Ampleon has had its challenges with the current shortage of chips. “The automotive and mobile communications industries are definitely suffering.” Still, the biggest challenge in Anna’s work lies in customers’ high expectations. “When the first mobile phone was released, we were all excited to be able to send and receive messages. Customers have raised their expectations, and you have to be on your toes to keep up with all the technological developments.” So making smart decisions is an absolute must, which is why Anna and Ampleon work hard to stay on top of customers’ needs.

Looking ahead, Anna hopes her work will positively impact our society and the planet. “Our technology is part of a system in which energy plays a central role. If we do well, those processes become more efficient. That way we contribute to a positive impact on the environment.” The Novio Tech Campus – and Ampleon in particular – is the perfect place for her to achieve this goal: “It’s great to work in an international team of great people. All of different ages and backgrounds – an eclectic mix that does great things!”