UV robot provides examination room virus-free

The Rijks vmbo in Nijmegen has a scoop: it is the first school in Europe to use a special UV robot to make its exam rooms virus-free.

By deploying a UV robot, the pupils of Het Rijks in Nijmegen were able to take their exams safely and without viruses last week. It concerns the UV-C Adibot-S robot. This is a device from robot manufacturer Ubtech from China and is distributed by Smartrobot.solutions from Elst.

Disinfection in 5 minutes
The UV robot kills virus particles and bacteria by means of powerful UV-C light. Everything that is 'touched' by the blue light inactivates the RNA and DNA molecules. A room of about 90 square metres can be made virus and bacteria free within five minutes. The robot radiates 360 degrees.

"We have been working with Smartrobot for some time, because as a school we like to innovate," says Twan van den Hazelkamp, deputy director at Het Rijks vmbo. "Our pupils who follow a care course make use of Smartrobot's care robot Maatje. When director Richard Kuijpers told me about this robot, I was keen to try it out."

Simple to use
And so the robot drove through the examination rooms last week as a test, before the students started working. The robot's extremely powerful light is harmful to the skin and eyes. It can kill cells. "UV robots have been around for a long time and their effect has been proven," says Richard Kuijpers of Smartrobot.solutions. "But the problem is that they are terribly expensive and often difficult to use. With a price of 19,000 euros, the Adibot-S is much more accessible. It is a good quality product, with powerful Philips lamps that do not emit visible light at any wavelength, so the viruses do not survive."

Last but not least, the robot works simply and can actually be operated by anyone. Although the UV-C radiation is harmful to health, the device is safe. "Someone can turn the robot on and operate it remotely. The UV radiation cannot pass through glass," says Kuijpers. "If someone does enter the room, the robot registers this via a sensor and the device is switched off."

Safe feeling
Smartrobot.solutions is the first in Europe to sell the Adibot-S. Van den Hazelkamp had the scoop and is excited about the device. For the time being, however, it remains only this test during the exams. The robot is too expensive for Het Rijks and other schools. Although renting is also an option. "I would like that. Especially when the schools will soon be allowed to open fully again without a distance of one and a half metres", says Van den Hazelkamp. "If you send the robot through the classrooms twice a day, it will make a substantial contribution to school safety. That will reassure our teachers, who are not all vaccinated yet, but also our pupils."

Research in Nijmegen hospitals
The robot meets all requirements and has the right certification for the European market. Kuijpers: "The device works. But we are now consulting with the Nijmegen hospitals to demonstrate that it works again. We want to investigate how many virus particles and bacteria can still be found after the round of the UV robot."

According to Kuijpers, it will continue to be important in the future to arm ourselves against viruses and bacteria. "The Adibot-S can be used in all sorts of places, such as hospitals, schools, nursing homes or a hotel or restaurant. If the customer knows that the room is completely disinfected, you might go there sooner."

Source: Innovations Origin