The valuation of start-ups. How do I deal with this as an angel investor?

Last week, three start-ups and scale-ups presented their investment plans at the Business Angels Network Nijmegen, which was set up three years ago by the Business Angels Network East NL team and others. Besides the interest in the pitches, the angels also meet to make mutual contacts and gain investment knowledge.


Successful Nijmegen entrepreneur Pierre Guelen (Planon) talked about the growth spurt of his company and the challenges he experienced in the first five years. He now runs a global facility management software company and has recently built his own campus for start-ups.


Aeternus as a new partner then gave an interesting story about valuing start-ups. What language do you have to speak and which elements of a valuation are important? Tips and tricks from practice were passed in review.

About Business Angels Network Nijmegen

Business Angels Network Nijmegen is the network of angel investors that strengthens the ecosystem of Nijmegen start-ups and scale-ups (Health and High Tech). The network brings together the angels and the selected and prepared start-ups and scale-ups on a regular basis. Other partners are Briskr, The Economic Board, Rabobank, BDO, Poelmann van den Broek, EP&C, Aeternus, Rockstart and the municipality of Nijmegen.

By now, a group of 60 active angels have joined our network and in the past 3 years we have “triggered” around €2.5 million in investments from these angels and other financiers/investment funds.

If you are a business angel and interested to join this network, please contact Martijn Kriens or Bart Heuts for more information.