SMART control COVID-19

On this page you can read the most important information, and you can estimate whether this subsidy scheme can help you. Do you have any questions? Take a look at the frequently asked questions or contact us. If you want to submit an application, go to the subsidy portal.


To give SMEs and schools the space to invest - right now - in employees and to upgrade the work organization. In other words: helping to turn the crisis and the period of forced home sitting into a positive development for the future of the companies in Gelderland. This has two advantages: faster recovery of your earning potential as a company, and limiting the consequences of the crisis for employees. Because this crisis is passing, and to restore our economy we need all the knowledge and talent we possess together.

For whom

SMEs from Gelderland with 5 to 250 employees and schools. Note: these are individual companies or schools. No application can be made by a partnership.


An SME entrepreneur or school can receive a subsidy of 24,999 euros to get started with a SMART attack plan, to limit the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis. The attack plan must lead to recovery from the drop in demand and recovery (limitation) of the negative consequences of the crisis for employees.


With the SMART COVID-19 scheme, the Province of Gelderland grants SMEs and schools a subsidy to get started with a SMART attack plan. In this way we emerge stronger from the crisis. This plan should focus on:
  • Sociale innovatie (Social innovation): adjusting work organization and utilizing skills aimed at the vitality, productivity and development of employees • Medewerkersgerichte opleidingen (Employee-oriented training courses): investing in the development of the (professional) skills of employees in the workplace • Anders en slimmer (digitaal) werken en leren (Different and smarter (digital) working and learning): creating opportunities to work differently and / or learning so that skills are used and talents are developed • Revitalisering van de vraag naar producten of diensten (Revitalizing the demand for products or services): restoring and / or creating new demand for products or services • Tegengaan van de negatieve impact van de crisis op medewerkers (Counteracting the negative impact of the crisis on employees): restoring vitality, productivity and development opportunities for employees
The SMART scheme COVID-19 makes it possible to invest in:
  • • Using expertise to innovate business models or to enable new forms of acquisition • Purchasing training or coaching on skills • Calling in expertise to enable peer recruitment and lending of employees or the creation of expert pools • Using expertise to learn to work and learn in a different and smarter (digital) way • Using expertise to continue investing in the vitality, productivity and development of employees


The scheme is open from 25 May 2020. There is room for about 60 applications. Applications will be processed in order of submission and will close when the maximum number of applications has been reached.