Saving lives with data

A few years later, Diego Menchaca launched the result of this brainstorm. Teamscope, an app that allows researchers to set up forms that are immediately available for the entire medical team.   The app is built in a way that allows it to 'think along with the researcher'. Mencha: "For example, when a researcher inserts a value that is likely to be incorrect, the app gives a warning signal. Also, the app constantly tracks the changes that are made by every team member; which makes the working process a lot more transparent.   Teamscope already has an impressive list of users: RadboudUMC, the PharmAccess Foundation and the 'National Health Service' of the UK. Still Menchaca has great ambitions: "I hope to expand even further through Europe in the near future. But I find that every entrepreneur should have a big, excessive and courageous goal. That's why I'm hoping that in five years Teamscope will be used in space too!"   Read full article in the Rabobank magazine 'Dichterbij'.