Saillant Therapeutics develops virus inhibiting therapy from Nijmegen

Saillant Therapeutics

Saillant Therapeutics, an innovative biotechnology start-up, developing promising small molecule-based therapies, previously announced the swift advancement of an innovative groundbreaking generic virus-inhibiting treatment platform based on activation of a cellular master regulator. While many parties worldwide are focused on developing vaccines and therapies based on antibodies, Saillant targets the complete elimination of viruses, which presages the outbreak of most upcoming virus variants. The lead compound induces adaptive functions in infected cells.

New Formula

Saillant is currently working on new formulations of the reference substance allowing the company to start clinical trials within one to two years. Preclinical studies are presently being conducted in collaboration with renowned academic groups and several CROs. Saillant expects to grow to 3-5 people in the next couple of years developing their platform technology which will be licensed by application to prospective partners.


Joost van Bree, CEO of Saillant Therapeutics: “I am very excited that we have uncovered a novel mechanism of action with a broad field of therapeutic applications. The emergence of new viruses into the human population, for instance, threatens global health and economic stability, as observed with the COVID-19 outbreak. Although virus-specific vaccines and therapeutic antibodies are possible solutions to this problem, it takes significant time and capital - $2.8 to 3.7 billion per vaccine - to develop these interventions. Besides, the ongoing evolution of viruses may cause vaccines to become ineffective. Therefore, there is an urgent need for antiviral drug therapies, like the one Saillant is developing right now, that can be effectively applied for any viral disease, regardless of the virus type.”


Saillant has been granted a loan from RedMedtech Discovery Fund, a regional early-stage seed fund for life science & health startups. With these resources, Saillant was able to set up business at Novio Tech Campus and further develop its platform technology.

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