RF repair specialist Odyssey Europe scales for market expansion

Despite opening its doors at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, RF repair specialist Odyssey Europe is gaining traction. Less than two years after launching, the maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) company has announced plans to scale its business operations by tripling its workforce and expanding into the adjacent medical market.

It’s safe to say that starting a new business at the beginning of a global pandemic probably isn’t the safest plan. Even now, nearly two years into the coronavirus, it seems supply chains are on the brink as they can barely keep up with the demand for a whole host of goods, supplies and all-important semiconductors. But despite the daunting challenges of doing business in the midst of the pandemic, there are some companies, like Nijmegen’s Odyssey Europe, that seem to have found their footing.

Odyssey Europe opened its doors at the Novio Tech Campus (NTC) in March 2020 – just as the first wave of Covid spread over Europe. “You could definitely say that the beginning of a pandemic probably wasn’t the best time to start a new business,” notes Angelo Andres, the general manager of Odyssey Europe. “It has certainly presented a lot of challenges.”

Due to Corona safeguards put in place across the globe, Andres’ team couldn’t visit any of its existing or potential customers. Andres: “Like everyone else, we really had to learn how we could adapt our business and engage our customers remotely. Additionally, normally, all our trainings are done on location at the Texas headquarters. However, due to the Covid travel restrictions, we had to re-design the company training program to the virtual world. But our ability to remain flexible and adapt seems to have paid off.”

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Credit: Fotowerkt.nl

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And paid off it has. Just 18 months after opening its European office, the Nijmegen maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) company announced it received a first-of-its-kind new business loan from the East Netherlands development agency Oost NL. With these funds earmarked to help accelerate its expansion ambitions, Odyssey revealed its plans for putting this injection of capital to good use.

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