RECORDING: Webinar on support for entrepreneurs

    Speakers: Martijn Kriens (moderator, Briskr); Sandra Steinmaier (BDO), Jos Willems (Rabobank Nijmegen), Jos van der Wijst (BGLegal) and Wijnand Kok (Municipality of Nijmegen).  

“Communication is key”

Several questions were asked by participants, and there was one clear red thread that bound all answers from the experts: communication. Especially in the current situation, it is most important to keep communicating with advisors, legal authorities, landlords and financial institutions. Every company is unique and every problem has a specific solution to it.   The webinar lasted for 45 minutes with more than 15 questions being addressed by the experts. There were questions ranging from the financial support for self-employed professional (ZZP), the interest rate of loans, the office rent, taxes and the possible arrangement for SME. Amongst other things, the Municipality of Nijmegen mentioned that the financial help for self-employed professionals/freelancers (ZZP) is available for people that are registered as a resident of the municipalities in the Netherlands.   Moreover, there is different regulation on different types of financial help. Jos Willems from Rabobank Nijmegen explained the difference between the long-term and short-term financial support that can be discussed later specifically for each case. In addition to that, SMEs can also apply for a credit guarantee scheme (BMKB) for financial support if the business is affected by the coronavirus.   For additional information regarding current measurements, check this article related to the corona crisis.