Recording webinar: changing business models during a pandemic

Over the last months it has become clear that the Covid-19 pandemic has a major impact on our lives and businesses. For many organizations and individuals the pandemic has negative consequences. Thanks to several government support programs, many entrepreneurs were able to (partly) compensate the negative consequences. And some were even able to successfully change their business models into new opportunities!   Look back this webinar and get inspired by the success stories of three entrepreneurs. In this webinar we will also address to what extent the government support programs have helped companies and inform you about the newest resources.   Entrepreneurs explaining how they successfully changed their business models; - Foodcase; Based at the Wageningen Campus, makes meals for the aviation sector and saw that a large part of its business evaporated due to the pandemic. With governmental support the company adapted its business model in just two weeks. CEO Wilbert de Louw will tell you how he achieved this. - InmotionVR: Technology that helps physiotherapists to support patients remotely. Kiki Coppelmans explains how the pandemic provided new opportunities - Thirona: Eva Rixoort will inform us how Thirona’s new diagnostics to determine infections with AI was adapted to be used for COVID-19     Below you will find the recording of the complete webinar: