Podcast: Effective health interventions with real-life data

AI for Life

Research into the effectiveness of medical interventions is often complex and expensive. In some situations it is possible to use existing data to demonstrate the effectiveness of a particular intervention, such as in the Electronic Patient Record (EPD) or claims data from insurers.

In this podcast, we discuss the use of this kind of “real life evidence” based on an earlier project conducted by Radboudumc together with VGZ. This study focused on the effectiveness of cardiac rehabilitation and used claims data from VGZ. In the podcast we discuss the possibilities that this kind of data offers, but also the boundaries we have to keep in mind to safeguard privacy. And how do we ensure that the proceeds of such research benefit everyone.

We talk this time with:

  • Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius, Professor of Law at iHub & iCIS Institute for Computing and Information Sciences;
  • Niels van Gorp, data strategist and ethicus at VGZ;
  • Thijs Eijsvogels, associate professor at exercise physiology Radboudumc.

Listen to the podcast (Spotify).