Odyssey opens first European repair facility in Nijmegen

Explaining the motivation for establishing a new facility on the European continent, Company President, Jim Plourde said: “Odyssey U.S. has been doing repairs for European customers for many years, but logistically a location made sense in Europe as the business grew. We are essentially aligning our service locations with our global customers by establishing the new Nijmegen service centre. Additionally, we have the added benefit that Nijmegen, with the Novio Tech Campus, in particular, is a fantastic RF hub where we have access to knowledgeable engineering talent.”  

Longer lifespan

At the new site, the company focuses on extending the lifespan of the equipment. For the customer, this means a smaller investment so that they can use their money for other things than the purchase of new equipment. In addition, with this form of reuse Odyssey contributes to the circular economy.  

Assistance from the region

The regional network played a major role in the establishment of Odyssey in Nijmegen. Jim Plourde: "Oost NL informed us about the semiconductor sector in the region, helped us to arrange administrative obligations and informed us about the possibilities surrounding the Semicon tradeshow in Munich. We were then guided by Kadans Science Partner and Novio Tech Campus from start to finish at the campus site. Together with the aforementioned considerations, this has been the decisive factor for us to become part of the Nijmegen Health and High Tech network". The company recently started on the Nijmegen innovation campus with three employees and hopes to grow to 15 to 25 employees at this location in the next three years.