NXP provides sustainable ‘aid van’ for three Nijmegen help organisations

Transport is often a major bottleneck in providing help in many places. A sustainable 'aid bus' would help many organizations to continue their work in an effective way. That is why NXP took the initiative this summer to raise money to make a bus available for Stichting Present, Vincentius Nijmegen and Quiet Nijmegen. These are three organizations in Nijmegen that work for Nijmegen citizens who are in a challenging situation.   In addition to NXP, Modderkolk, the Novio Tech Campus, Facilicom, Radboud University and Driessen Autogroep were also willing to support this special initiative. Sinterklaas was happy to officially hand over the electrically powered Nissan e-NV200 Evalia bus to Dolly Toonen, chairman of Stichting Present Nijmegen.   "This van is really going to make a difference. It's fantastic that so many parties are supporting this initiative and that we now have a bus that various aid organizations can use. We can now not only transport people but also stuff to help in many neighborhoods. I also believe in working together and using each other's expertise to make Nijmegen even more social and beautiful. - Chairman Dolly Toonen, Foundation Present Nijmegen.   Clean house, clear mind. Sometimes the problems grow beyond ourselves, or things pile up in such a way that you can't see a way out. For many people with psychological, social, financial or health problems, help, no matter how small, is most welcome. A group of motivated volunteers helping you for a part of the day, for example pruning the garden, painting the kitchen or just playing games together for an afternoon, can be of great importance. That is where Stichting Present wants to mean something: by bringing Nijmegen citizens who need attention or help and involved fellow citizens into contact with each other.   About Stichting Present Nijmegen Present is a national organisation with more than 80 local foundations, consisting of a local government, a (professional) operational team and a pool of (voluntary) project supervisors The mission of Present is to build a bridge between people who are willing to commit themselves to others and to society, but don't know how to put their hands and feet on it. Present offers the link between that willingness and actually taking action, also in Nijmegen. Find more information about Stichting Present Nijmegen!