NTS works for a future in Nijmegen

Tight schedule It’s almost impossible to imagine the campus without the framework of the new building, standing on what used to be a stretch of grass. Thankfully so, since the building needs to be ready for use in April 2020. “If nothing else, due to budget considerations it is more efficient to combine the three locations”, states Hans Scholtz, Managing Director Development & Engineering at NTS. “The lease contract of the current building in which NTS Optel is housed will end, hence the tight schedule. Furthermore, NTS Optel is growing, which makes the current building too small for future plans. We are developing and constructing products in which optical technologies play an important role. Moreover, we have our prototyping and engineering site in Wijchen and another D&E location in Doetinchem. By combining mechatronics, optics and prototyping we expect to add value for our customers.”   Addition to the region NTS chose deliberately for Novio Tech Campus as a location for their new premises. “Novio Tech Campus is a breeding ground for connections and cooperation: a perfect match with the NTS culture. The geographic situation was also a plus because of the locations of the current sites,” explains Scholtz. “Furthermore it is difficult to find enough employees in the area of Eindhoven. Developing a site at a new location was essential.”   Scholtz sees opportunities in cooperating with the local parties. “Besides semiconductor companies you can also find some healthtech-players. We might be able to play our part in that as well,” Scholtz is thinking out loud.   Hoisting the flag On Friday the 6th of September the highest point of construction is celebrated. The celebration takes place on the campus, where everyone involved will be thanked and, according to construction traditions, there will be a toast with ‘Palm-beers’. City Counsel Member Monique Esselbrugge will be present to hoist the flag.   Nijmegen is putting a lot of work into innovation and the City is playing a crucial role. The merging of the different locations is a great step for NTS and the company is looking forward to get more involved in the Health and High Tech ecosystem of Nijmegen. “We are building our future and work towards a smooth transition to the new premises and a festive, official opening which will take place in April 2020,” says Scholtz. “But first and foremost we are looking forward to the celebration of reaching the highest point of construction on September 6th.” The location of the party is final: NTS, Transistorweg 2, Novio Tech Campus.   Foto by: ©Gordon Thomas Jack Photography