NTS blog #4

3-in-1 With the new premises, NTS is clustering three business locations into one. Loermans recognizes this to be a challenging task: “The three departments must work together as optimal as possible. When creating physical layers in the building, you’re creating distance. This is why we have different activities mixed on different floors. The inside of the building plays an important role in this. It is important that the inside facilitates the support and optimization of the processes that are taking place. ”   Geurink confirms: “We currently have two separate assembly teams. When settling down on campus, it should grow into becoming a team. We must prevent a situation where three different ‘companies’ are working in one building. The goal is therefore to get a very open structure by mixing all departments together. That way we do not create layers between departments and, hopefully, we stimulate interaction.”   Pioneers The intention is for NTS to move into the new building by April 2020. Loermans has some goals set already: “A milestone to me is that in a few months you will see that people work together, that it is one organisation. Where there is a great vibe in the workplace and people are supporting and generous towards eachother.” Geurink adds: “It’s important that we’ll be working together with companies that are on campus, doing projects together. In the meantime, we already have some projects running on campus; something fruitful has already emerged from a recent meeting here.”   But the ambitions and visions go beyond the borders of the campus, NTS is looking into the region as well. Geurink: “We hope that we can also offer something for students and genuinely connect with them. That we get internships here and really add something to the careers of students. There is a lot of scarcity in the technology employer market; by settling on campus we hope to be finding connections rapidly. “Loermans confirms:” The advantage is that you are close to a college and university. Although not a technical university, there are enough people with an affinity for technology.”   All in all, Geurink sees a great match between NTS and Novio Tech Campus: “NTS focuses its activities on a variety of markets, like semicon, life sciences and analysis, making the job very diverse. We work in many different sectors, in all kinds of positions of the value chain. That completes the challenge for me: every day and every project is different. And I think that’s a great fit with the dynamic vibe on Novio Tech Campus.”   More about NTS.   Photo by: Gordon Thomas Jack Photography