Novio Tech Campus is proud partner of InScience Film Festival

Opening Bill Nye: Science Guy With the opening and the Dutch premiere of Bill Nye: Science Guy (2017), the festival theme 'No Facts, No Future' is at the heart of InScience 2017's opening. Directors David Alvarado & Jason Sussberg show how Nye restores science, research, and discovery to their rightful place in the world. More than fifty films are screened at the festival, including two world premieres, three European premiers, and twenty Dutch premiers. The competition program for the NTR Audience Award consists of the 20 best science films that appeared worldwide this year. In addition, the student jury, consisting of local students, looks at a wide selection of films and awards the Student Jury Award. The winning films will be announced on Sunday, November 12th, at the awards show. All movies are complemented by extensive conversations involving scientists, filmmakers, and the audience.   Talks During InScience, international leading scientists hold a lecture on their field of study. This year, the Denker Des Vaderlands René van Bos holds the central festival lecture on the theme 'No Facts, No Future', technology producer Max Cooper presents a lecture on 'The Science Behind Emergence' and New Scientist editor George van Hal takes the public on a Robotsafari through Hollywood.   Virtual Reality & Serious Gaming On Saturday, November 11th, InScience presents Immersive Day. Visitors can experience the impact of science with the latest VR films, game setups, and interactive projects. Immersive Day consists of a free and continuous program at LUX and in addition, tickets are available for four lectures in the field of Virtual Reality and Games.   Tickets:  Ticket sale has started and the full program is online. Tickets are available at or at LUX’s cash register.   InScience is the largest science film festival in the Netherlands that focuses on the combination of science, society and art. The program consists of science films, debates, a youth and art education program. The third edition of the festival will take place from 8 to 12 November in LUX, Nijmegen.