NL + DE Startups X-Border

Within the program, digital startups are given the opportunity to exchange knowledge with partner regions in the neighboring country during an "" and "GET.connected Week", to visit events, to validate startup ideas and to pitch for investors. After the GET.connected week and "", both the startup and the visited partner hub write a detailed report on their experiences. These reports are used to improve future cross-border activities.   X-Borders supports digital startups with: • gaining access to the German market; • Pitching for an audience of investors; • Increasing investment opportunities; • Visiting relevant events in Germany.   In addition, NL + DE Startups X-Border undertakes the following activities: • Exchange of knowledge with German Digihubs; • Validate startup idea; • Clustering with startups, knowledge institutions and investors; • Better networking in the neighboring ecosystem.   Registrations by startups can be done via the website: Do you want to know more about participating in the program? Then contact Oost NL or DigiHub Münsterland.