52Nijmegen: Innovation landmark

The bend 52Nijmegen is remarkable. The special architecture comes from Mecanoo Architects, commissioned by Ballast Nedam. The schedule of requirements determined that 60 workplaces had to be realized per floor. This required a floor area of ​​22 by 60 meters. The stacking of floors would lead to the building having a rather massive appearance. The architects therefore opted for a 10-degree bend in the building, which gives the building a certain lightness. In addition, the nod is an inviting gesture towards the city: come on in! Another special aspect of the building is the sloping roof of the parking garage. The roof raises a lawn, which refers to the prehistoric dam walls around Nijmegen, and thereby makes a connection between the office building and the surrounding area. And there is also a story behind the name of 52Nijmegen. The tower is named after the 52nd parallel. Even though it does not run exactly over the building; the exact latitude is 51° 49’28 north latitude.   From turbulent childhood to thriving community 52Nijmegen was realized by Philips in 2008, as part of a master plan that would give Nijmegen a new spatial structure. Although a third of all floors were vacant in 2011, several companies settled in the tower in subsequent years. In 2017, 52Nijmegen was taken over by Kadans Science Partner, owner of building A and M, and added to Novio Tech Campus. 52Nijmegen is now almost completely full. Nexperia's head office is located in 52 Nijmegen: the international chip company uses 3 of the 18 floors of the building. The Royal HaskoningDHV engineering firm is also located in the building. With 600 employees, they fill the 11th to the 15th floor. 52Nijmegen also houses several companies in the semiconductor, High Tech and consultancy sector. After a difficult initial period, the building is now flourishing with entrepreneurship and companies.   Nijmegen innovates There is a lot going on in Nijmegen. Plenty of research is being done at Radboud University and RadboudUMC, leading to the latest developments in Health. As a former NXP site, Novio Tech Campus has a rich High Tech history and has since become a hotspot where the worlds of Health and High Tech come together. Here, companies work on technologies, products and services that impact our daily lives. 52Nijmegen represents this area, being a landmark for innovation in the Nijmegen area. With the developments taking place here, at Novio Tech Campus and in the city, innovative Nijmegen towers above all.