Nijmegen Entrepreneur of the Year 2021

A number of criteria have been drawn up for companies that can compete for the title of Nijmegen entrepreneur of the year 2021:

  • The entrepreneur lives in Nijmegen or has his or her company established in Nijmegen.
  • The entrepreneur must have been active as such for at least three years.
  • The entrepreneur must have delivered an appealing performance, for example in the area of innovation, (technological) development, growth of employment or a combination of these. In addition, he or she has demonstrated his or her social commitment.


In the week of 13 September, the jury will discuss all candidates and compile a shortlist. The shortlisted candidates will receive a questionnaire.

In de eerste helft van oktober neemt de jury de ontvangen vragenlijsten door en bezoekt de geselecteerde bedrijven.

In the first half of October, the jury will go through the questionnaires received and visit the selected companies.

The following weeks are reserved for making the film recordings of the nominees. These will be shown during the award ceremony on 19 November, among other things.

The final award ceremony is on Friday 19 November in de Vereeniging.

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