Which Nijmegen entrepreneur would you like to award?

Double tasks

The past months have had a major impact on many entrepreneurs in Nijmegen. Entrepreneurs had a double task: to stay afloat and innovate their business operations. We saw that Nijmegen entrepreneurs and organizations are resilient and, in times of crisis, look for new (digital) revenue models, online forms of customer contact and ways to deploy staff in a flexible way.

Are you, or do you know, an entrepreneur who during the past months has...

... distinguished itself in the field of employees policy? Has deployed or retrained his / her employees in a flexible manner? Or has given a positive impulse to staff in some other way? ... successfully supplemented physical activities with a digital version? Or started new digital business activities?   Then register yourself or the concerning entrepreneur before September 1st 2020, using the form below.

The setup

  • - All entrepreneurs are welcome; starters, startups, SMEs and larger companies. Entrepreneurs from all sectors can register.
  • - A jury selects 3 finalists per category from all submissions. The jury can make an appointment with you to come by for a working visit. The finalists will be announced on September 8, 2020.
  • - These finalists will record a pitch video of approximately 1 minute.
  • - During the grand finale, which takes place at the meeting around the Economic Vision on September 24th 2020, the winners of the jury prizes of €8,000 will be announced and attendees will decide who wins the audience prize of €4,000.

On the following terms

  • - Your company is located in Nijmegen.
  • - It concerns initiatives or business activities that have had an impact on the personnel policy, and/or the digitization of the activities of the company/organization.
  • - You agree that your idea and accompanying images will be shown on online channels to generate publicity and as an example and idea for other organizations.
  • - The prices are in the form of a subsidy. It is a net amount that can be spent on improving and scaling up the initiative or company.
  • - You are available on September 14th between 9am and 1pm to have your pitch video recorded at the Honig complex (this will be arranged for you).
  • - You are available on September 24th during the finale (available from 4pm to 8pm).

Fill in the registration form!

  >> This article was originally published on the website of the municipality of Nijmegen.