A look into the future: developing the CITC

The chip is more and more integrated in a combination of product and package, improving the functions and functionalities of entire products. According to Barry Peet, managing director of BCS, the new technology centre can play an important role in this development in the semiconductor landscape: “This initiative will connect the entire Dutch semicon ecosystem, including research institutes. Consequently, we can provide the world of the innovative and advanced chip integration technologies that are needed to solve the societal challenges we are facing”.   The CITC is an example of the way businesses, knowledge institutes and governments are working together in the Province of Gelderland. The interaction between initiating and facilitating parties (BCS and NTC), knowledge institutes (TU Delft and Radboud University), companies (NexperiaAmpleonNXPSencio) and the government (Province of GelderlandGemeente NijmegenMinistry of EZK), will lead to the development of another keyplayer in the world’s semiconductor value chain. Past week the initiating and supporting parties signed the Letter of Intent, officially announcing the start of the project.