7 tips to stay vital while working from home

The webinar focused on vitality and tips to improve your energy levels while working from home. It is because a lot of times, we know that we need to take a break, but we simply don’t do it. It might also be due to a lack of overview that makes us unable to put a break as one of the priorities. The reasons might vary in different people.     Several overalls advise were discussed in this webinars.  

1. Create a structure for yourself.

Working structure is very important to give a good overview of your day when you work at home. Discuss this with your partner or co-worker. See what kind of working structure works for you at home.   Have the same routine of waking up and get dressed for your work. Also do not forget to slip in a relaxing time as one of the priorities within your structure.  

2. Do not sit behind a laptop all day.

You will not be productive if you sit behind your laptop the whole day. Be realistic in your expectation is important. So be clear at home when you want to have a break. Be clear to your colleagues if you want to take a break in the afternoon. Communication is important so people know what to expect from you.  

3. Make clear agreements (both home and with Colleagues).

Communication is crucial in working from home situation. Check on things that you need to change within this crisis. You might have to modify your routine at home and make an agreement with your family member on the play and work time. It might be interesting instead of preparing the dinner by yourself, you invite your family member to cook with you as a part of the activity at home.   With your colleagues, do communicate on how you are doing, create that coffee break conversation via online. Do not forget to compliment your team member too when the did a good job! Sometimes, their home situation might be challenging, your value on their work can be nice. This also applies to your partner at home, give them compliments too.  

4. Play!

Adult also needs to play. Playing means that you do something where the activity is important than the goal. You can play a board game, online, or with your kids. Give yourself sometimes to play. Playing can help you to take a break and have fresh energy for work.  

5. Go to nature or bring nature to you.

During the day, make sometimes to go outside and enjoy a little bit of nature. You can also start your day outside in nature by having a short walk before you turn on your laptop. It can be just 30 minutes and it is a good way to start your day because then you take care of yourself throughout the day. If you want to do it during your lunch break, do not forget to communicate this with your colleagues too.  

6. Do breathing exercise.

Working from home is different than working from the office, especially when you have children. They might need more of your attention during the day. So if you are not as productive as usual, do not be too harsh to yourself. Take a break and do some breathing exercise.   Thus, if you get into chaos situation at home, try the breathing exercise for 30 sec/1 minutes. You will feel relaxing. Breathing is very interesting and important tools to slow yourself down. If you exhale longer, you stimulate the parasynthetic neuro system that helps you to slow down. You can also do this breathing exercise in combination with short yoga stretching.  

7. Take a power nap.

Sleep is known to be good for us. But often we did not put it as a priority. However, we understand that it can be difficult to do if you have kids or a snoring partner, these factors can disturb your sleep. So to tackle it, try to have 6 minutes power nap if you can to re-charge your energy for the day.   Those are some tips that you can implement during working from home to have a good energy level and focus on your work. We hope that everyone is doing good in this crisis.