Health Valley Event: live again after 3 years

After 3 years, the international Health Valley Event on 15, 16 and 17 March in Nijmegen can finally be visited live again at Pathé and Van der Valk. Every year, the healthcare innovation network of the East Netherlands organises the largest healthcare innovation conference in the Netherlands, connecting the more than 1,200 participants from home and abroad. In 2019, Health Valley Netherlands last organised an edition on location where visitors could meet each other. In March 2020, the event was cancelled last-minute and in 2021 participants could only attend online.

Chris Doomernik, Director of Health Valley: "We are extremely happy to finally be able to organise the event on location again. Now our visitors can connect face-to-face with entrepreneurs and people active in healthcare organisations, knowledge institutions and governments. An important step towards accelerating innovation through the use of technology and thus making tomorrow's health and care possible, today."

Plenty of tickets
Given the current flexibilities (the event is a so-called flow location), there are no restrictions on the number of visitors. There are also no restrictions such as testing for entry. Of course, the health of the visitors is paramount and Health Valley advises to follow the advice: wear a mouth mask if required, wash your hands regularly, test before visiting the event and stay at home in case of complaints. Interested parties who cannot or do not wish to attend a live on-site event can use an online ticket.

The Health Valley Event
The Health Valley Event is the largest healthcare innovation conference in the Netherlands. Every year, visitors from the Netherlands and abroad from the health care sector, the b usiness world, research, education and government come together to work on tomorrow's health and care. At the event, the exchange of knowledge, but also the gaining of inspiration and especially matchmaking are central themes. For this edition, there is a special cooperation with the European (Active & Assisted Living) AAL programme and there will also be extra attention for healthy ageing. More information: