Health Valley and Health Innovation Park join forces

Health Valley in Nijmegen and Health Innovation Park in Zwolle are both network organisations focusing on innovation in healthcare. As of 1 January 2022, the organisations have merged and will work together under the name Health Valley to achieve their shared ambition: to take initiatives, set up projects, bring parties together and accelerate healthcare innovations in the east of the Netherlands.

Director Chris Doomernik: "We had similar objectives and working methods. Actually, it was a very natural process to start talking to each other and then to join forces. That is clearer for governments, commissioning parties and subsidy providers and more powerful and efficient for our own partners in the networks." The networks and competences of both merger partners are very complementary.

So 1 and 1 really is 3, says chairman Harry van Dorenmalen: "Health Valley has a great reputation and a large network. They are very good at matchmaking and have many contacts. They are known nationally and internationally for organising the annual Health Valley event for everyone involved in innovation, science and business in Life Sciences and Health. Last year's edition attracted more than 1,200 visitors from business, healthcare and government. The other merger partner, Health Innovation Park, adds to this knowledge and experience by providing hands-on guidance to partners in the development of an innovation."

Three roles
Now more than ever, Health Valley is the healthcare innovation network of the East Netherlands. With healthcare institutions, knowledge institutes, businesses and governments as partners, the organisation focuses on the health and care of tomorrow. With more than 200 regional, national and international partners, Health Valley is building an ecosystem in which new connections are created every day. Continuously looking for opportunities to share knowledge, product innovation and market introduction. The new club sees three roles for itself:

  • Connect: with an overview of the entire sector and knowledge of all developments, identify opportunities, bring parties together and offer perspective.
  • Challenge: actively take stock of the issues that the healthcare sector is facing. Then set concrete, practical goals and challenge institutions and companies to come up with solutions.
  • Grow: support partners to grow. Use national and international contacts to find sales markets. Show the way in Europe.
    The organisation is in place. The goals have been formulated. Now it is a matter of fulfilling the promises. Chris Doomernik: "We are eager to get to work and prove our added value to our partners. Together, we want to tackle and solve social issues this year. With the new organisation, we are even better equipped to play a significant role in the East Netherlands." Harry van Dorenmalen: "All our efforts must lead to concrete and demonstrable progress. That may be hospitals, or patients and professionals in healthcare organisations. It could be in the first, second or third line. But ultimately it is about individual citizens, clients and patients."

Press release of Health Valley.