Health and High Tech strengthen each other on Novio Tech Campus

Something beautiful can emerge from bringing together entrepreneurs and researchers. That's the idea behind the Novio Tech Campus (NTC), located on the former Philips industrial estate, next to Nijmegen Goffert station. "We offer housing and shared facilities, such as laboratories and equipment, to companies in healthcare and High Tech," says Rikus Wolbers, director of the innovation campus.   Started in 2013 with four companies in one building, the campus now has 70 companies with over 3400 employees spread over five buildings. "The innovation focus areas of the Nijmegen region are well represented here," says Wolbers. "The campus is home to companies developing new medicines, as well as companies working on chip integration and RF technology.   >> This article continues on the website of The Economic Board. Keep reading and learn more about Avivia and Odyssey, both located at Novio Tech Campus, who are also interviewed in this article.