Dutch Technology Week comes to Nijmegen

The High Tech Discovery route takes place on Radboud University and Novio Tech Campus. The university will be turned into a playground of exciting demonstrations, where you can do your own experiments. You are offered the opportunity of visiting the various labs on the university campus, where research leads to innovations of the future.   Novio Tech Campus introduces you to the innovative Health and High Tech companies and initiatives of Nijmegen. In the M building a High Tech market will take place, with demo's from Ampleon, Novioscan, pinkRF, MACOM, Microbit and many others. And there will be tours at worldclass High Tech companies, like: NXP, Sencio, Nexperia and EPR. In the Novio Experience Museum you will learn all about the High Tech history of the campus.   Find more information or the entire program.   This event is amongst others powered by: the municipality of Nijmegen