DFE Pharma opens innovation center in Nijmegen

Employees of DFE Pharma are given a tour of their new "office". © Fotowerkt.nl   DFE Pharma is a leader in the production and sales of additives for medicines, such as raw materials for tablets and inhalation products. According to Mara van Haandel, Development, Technology and Innovation manager at DFE Pharma, this success is largely based on their focus on collaboration: “Ultimately, we have only one goal: to ensure that our clients' medicines lead to the desired results for patients. In order to deliver a complete and working final product, we offer a total package in which we think and work with the customer. We are not only a supplier, but also a research partner."   DFE Pharma is based in Goch (Germany) and operates in more than 100 countries, with factories in the Netherlands, Germany, India and New Zealand. According to van Haandel, there has been a need for a location with a focus on Research and Development near the head office for some time. “As a leader in the pharmaceutical industry, you are completely depending on your product quality and innovative power. That does not happen overnight, but it is being worked on for years. When putting a new raw material on the market, it can take four years for it to end up in a drug on the pharmacist's shelf. An efficient R&D department with short lines of communication with the head office and departments such as marketing and sales makes it possible to innovate together with the customer.”   After a short search, Novio Tech Campus emerged as a suitable location. “We were looking for a location that meets current quality standards in the field of lab facilities and infrastructure. The location also played a role: preferably within the region of current employees and near the head office in Goch. Novio Tech Campus fits this picture; not only because of the aforementioned benefits, but also because of the possibility to connect. Contact with other pharmaceutical companies and organizations is essential for DFE pharma and in particular for our R&D department. We work together with pharmaceutical companies, but also with universities and technical partners who, for example, make production lines, such as tablet machines. We also come across these types of connections on Novio Tech Campus and can make a difference in the development of pioneering innovations in our new R&D department.”