“Des Lekker” food truck will visit NTC every Tuesday!

About “Des Lekker”

Since 2 years, we mother and daughter are passionate about giving people a good product in the eating area. We do this at parties and parties with a very diverse range. It ranges from a small served snack to a luxurious dinner. That is why we think it would be nice to offer a varied lunch on NTC campus.  

The Food

The menus that are being offered by “Des Lekker”:   Hamburger (burger, fried onions, lettuce, tomato and sauce) € 5,00 Cheeseburger (burger, cheddar, pickle, arugula and sauce) € 5,00 Brieburger (burger, brie, apple, arugula and honey mustard sauce) € 5,00 Vega burger (veggie burger, lettuce and tomato) € 6,00 Wraps (salmon or carpaccio or humus) € 6,50 Yoghurt with homemade granola (The toppings can vary per week) € 3,50   We take special with us every week. This can be a soup or a fruit juice, but also a special sandwich.  

Curious about the taste??

Don't forget to visit them at the field in front of building M to taste delicious lunch burgers, wraps and yogurts!