Business Growth Circles starts on Novio Tech Campus

NEXT OEM Business Growth Circles has its origins in Brainport Eindhoven and expanded to the Gelderland/Overijssel region, in cooperation with Novio Tech Campus, Briskr and RCT Gelderland. A growth circle consists of a selection of entrepreneurs who are leading technically oriented companies with a potential and ambition for growth. Over a period of one year, they receive professional support and are eachothers debating partners. After the program they can always rely on the NEXT OEM network.   The entrepreneurs that are forming a circle on Novio Tech Campus are Lumiguide, APS Therapy, Fijnmechanische Industrie Goorsenberg, Kilsdonk Packaging en Presentation, and Feltest. Based on a screening from the businesses and business skills (by PWC and MentesMe), a traject has been elaborated that focuses on the business specific and personal goals. This resulted in various workshops, that are lead by dr. Marc Douma (strategy), prof. Regis Lemmens (marketing and sales), Jan Michielsen (leadership and organisation) and Hans Bloemen (financing). An entrepreneur who is active in the first growth circle, shares what the program did for them.     Monique Harmsen, CEO of Lumiguide (Nijmegen) that provides expertise at the intersection of IT and sensortechnologie with regard to Smart Cities, says: "The greatest power of the program is that it works like a mirror. Not only through the feedback from experts, but also from fellow-entrepreneurs. Reflecting is learning. And thanks to the secure setting, everybody really opens up about their challenges and is willing to share. In a clever way, the right conditions were created for establishing a group connection - which was there from the very start."     Find more information about NEXT OEM here! Or send an e-mail to: