Anniversary month: five years Novio Tech Campus

Novio Tech Campus has been pretty busy over the past five years and a lot has happened ever since. Shortly after its opening, we realized that building M was not going to maintain our growth. So we facilitated another building, building A. New premises were built by EPR, and soon another building will be realized for NTS group.   Not only have we been busy constructing new buildings, we've also been constructing a community. Meanwhile the campus contains 70+ companies and provides jobs for over 3.400 employees. And we are proud to have you all here! Our events are key in maintaining this community: SMB-meetings for our Health companies, High Tech Network meetings for our High Tech/semicon employees and the monthly Meet&Eat, for all campusresidents.   To celebrate the hard work of everybody on campus, we want to give you (and ourselves) a present: one month full of activities, free of charge for everybody on Novio Tech Campus.   The program 02/10 Meet & Eat Inscience Film Edition: 'The Next Rembrandt'   09/10 It's our birthday! Petit fours in every building on Novio Tech Campus.   16/10 Novio Tech Campus exposition: history of the site.   23/10 Surprise-activity; on the 9th of October we will reveal this week's activity.   30/10 Robo Soccercup   Check out the individual eventpages and get to know when/where everything is taking place. We hope to see you soon!