Novio Tech Campus is more than a place to work, it’s a place where you can stay healthy and fit, while having fun at the same time. NTC SPORTS is the sportivity and health program for the campus community. A multi-faceted program, where several partners on and around campus provide community members with a broad range of sports activities and facilities. Challenge yourself and stay fit, both physically and mentally.  

Campus fitness facilities

Together with Easy Active, we can offer you fitness facilities right across campus. Shake off a long day behind your desk in the sauna, get your morning energizer in the gym or meetup with friends in the evening for a game of squash. As a member of Novio Tech Campus, following discounts and regulations are available: 

  • 10% discount on your membership with Easy Active;
  • Free access to NTC only trainings and workshops, every second Tuesday of the month;
  • Access to all ongoing special discounts at Easy Active.

Workout classes

// at Easy Active

Easy Active organises special workout classes, exclusively for NTC members. The classes take place every second Tuesday of the month from 17.00h. The duration depends on the type of class you’re participating in. On the right you’ll find an overview of the workout classes at Easy Active and below the schedule for 2022:

  • 30Active: Sept 13th 
  • Crosstraining: July 12th // Oct 11th
  • Krav Maga: Aug 9th // Nov 11th

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Novio  Tech Campus is home to a  vast community of soccer players, and even bigger fans! For those who want to be on the field themselves, you might want to keep an eye out for below tournaments.

  • Campus Soccer Tournament: Save the date! The annual soccer tournament, takes place again friday June 24th at the fields of Quick. Community members can join with their own team or participate in the teams of other companies. We’ll keep you posted about this tournament at the eventspage on this website. 
  • NTC futsal competition: weekly indoor soccer competition, taking place every Wednesday from 17h in the Jan Massinkhal across campus. You can participate by joining one of the teams that are already enlisted, e.g. the campus team, or sign up your own team if you have enough players.  

Cycle club

NTC and NXP join forces in facilitating our cycling community. Together we organize cycling tours for groups of approx. 50 to 60 people, aiming at both sponsortours and fun trips. The schedule for 2022:

  • June: Graveltour through the Maasdunes
  • September: Cycling for Charity, supporting Road4Energy 
  • October: Reichswald mountainbike tour

Bouldering & climbing

Next to the campus organization, the companies at the campus organizes multiple sport activities throughout the year and form various sports associations. One of the initiatives you’re most welcome to join, is the NXP bouldering club! Bouldering is a form of climbing, performed on small rock formations, taking short routes that are close to the ground.  The trainings take place once to twice a week at GRIP bouldergym in Nijmegen. Get in touch with the Bouldering Club via below button!

Home workout by Easy Active

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