Upcoming interesting events in October @StartupNijmegen

10-10 (17:00): laat je netwerk werken: https://www.startupnijmegen.nl/agenda/laat-je-netwerk-werken/

Workshop and network event about networking and how you can improve the use of your network


17-10 (17:00): Praktische tips voor onderhandelen: https://www.startupnijmegen.nl/agenda/workshop-praktische-tips-voor-onderhandelen/

Workshop on negotiationing


18-10 (19:30): VUKUP NIGHTS: https://www.startupnijmegen.nl/agenda/vukup-nights/

Event in which failures instead of successes will be told which off course are also 


24-10 (17:00): Hoe kan ik meer omzet behalen in het buitenland: https://www.startupnijmegen.nl/agenda/hoe-kan-ik-meer-omzet-behalen-in-het-buitenland/

Workshop on getting more turnover abroad.


Note: most events at Startup Nijmegen are in Dutch but also helpful to visit when non Dutch speaker but ask the organization in advance. Signing in goes through the site of Startup Nijmegen.