Winners of Circular Innovation 2023

9 February 2023-

The winners of the Gelderland Circular Innovation Top 20 are Lagemaat Sloopwerken B.V. Circular and geWOONhout.

The jury prize went to the remountable building system of Lagemaat Circulair. Deputy Helga Witjes handed them the check and congratulations.

For an enthusiastic audience, both in the hall and via the livestream, geWOONhout won the audience award with their development of the HOUTbaar house.

The Circular Innovation Top 20 shows that the circular economy is flourishing, with leading innovations that we as a province can be proud of. Helga Witjes: "It's wonderful that construction companies in particular are winning both the public prize and the Gelderland Circular Prize this year! A sector that can make a difference in the coming years!"

For entrepreneurs who want to work on a more circular business model, Helga Witjes also launched the Circular Entrepreneurs Desk of Provincie Gelderland where they can get answers to all their questions.

The Circular Innovation Top 20 is organised by:

kiemt CIRCLES Rabobank Provincie Gelderland VNO-NCW Midden RvN@

Jury 2023:

Geanne Van Arkel, Sjors Witjes, Marieke Verhoeff-Broekman, Lisette Bosch, Roeland van Delden, Jeannette Van Rijsoort, Antoine Driessen


Find here the video of the lifestream on 9 February 2023: Gelderse Circulaire Innovatie Top 20 on Vimeo