Tracking tuberculosis; PinkRF knows precisly how, when and where

9 March 2023 -

PinkRF, based at our Noviotech Campus since 2016, is moving forward rapidly. Klaus Werner, CEO and co-founder, is making progress with their technology.

Viral diseases can radically change the world as we know it, as the COVID-19 pandemic taught us. Yet there are several infectious diseases that still require better treatments and diagnostic procedures. One of these is tuberculosis where there are still challenges when it comes to preventing its spread. However, Klaus Werner, CEO and co-founder of pinkRF, plans to change that.  Klaus Werner talks about this in his interview published in PULSE.

PULSE is our Noviotech magazine where we share the stories of people who are on a mission to make a positive impact, pushing themselves and our society forward, day by day. An ode to entrepreneurship in its broadest sense and purest form.

Read the full interview with Klaus Werner here: