Top 3 nomination for ‘Most Sustainble Business Parks’

sustainable business park

24 November 2022 -

Noviotech Campus Nijmegen in the TOP 3 of ''Most Climate Adaptive and Nature Inclusive Business Park of the Netherlands 2022''- competition during the Day of Economic Affairs at Papendal on 24th November 2022!

Noviotech Campus has entered a new phase of development. The campus is doubling its buildings in square meters and doubling their number of employees. At the same time, Noviotech Campus wants to become greener. To reinforce the greenery on our campus, five ambassadors have been appointed who will play a major role in making the campus more sustainable.

Bert Krikke, managing director at Noviotech Campus: "It is great that we have found five ambassadors at once willing to join us in making a strong case for a sustainable and green campus. In our new Master Plan, about 60 percent of the area is planned for greenery and water. We will also apply more greenery to parts of the roofs and buildings. This ambition really appealed to our ambassadors: the earthworm, the squirrel, the hedgehog, the bullfinch and the swallowtail. If these indicator species will soon be found in our area then we can speak of a complete ecosystem for Flora and Fauna." 

The five ambassadors speaking:

The earthworm (ambassador healthy soil): "A natural landscape starts with healthy soil. It is the basis for trees and plants to grow and flourish. What appeals to me about the plans is that the paved surface on campus is being reduced, which offers many opportunities for me and my fellow species."

The squirrel (ambassador tree deck): the tree structure is important for both biodiversity and the people who come to campus. Noviotech will have a diverse collection of trees that provides habitat for mammals, birds and insects and is resistant to diseases and pests. In addition, trees purify the air and regulate the temperature on campus."

The hedgehog (natural maintenance ambassador): "The campus will have many places with bushes and shrubs where mammals like me can find a place. The campus will also be less intensively maintained in those areas, so natural materials will provide an improvement in the soil."

The bullfinch (ambassador edible landscape): "At Noviotech it is important that all animals can find sufficient food. An 'edible' landscape is a prerequisite for this. Berries and seeds from trees and shrubs provide food for birds like the bullfinch and many other species of animals."

The swallowtail (ambassador of floral beauty): "Flowers are not only important for people, but also for animals. The campus will feature a wide selection of flowering native plants that can attract butterflies, bees and other insects. It will soon provide a beautiful and colorful image throughout the seasons."