Looking back at ‘How2Finance’ meeting at Noviotech Campus

21 March 2023 -

Looking back on an informative meeting ''How2Finance'' at the Noviotech Campus where entrepreneurs are looking for financing!

Bart Boots van Zereau, Bram den Teuling van Orikami and Ludo Jacobs van Studentvoorstudent talked about their search for the right form of financing from an entrepreneurial perspective.

For starting and growing entrepreneurs, financing is important. But the possibilities. often also unclear in terms of what are the advantages and disadvantages of a loan compared to subsidy now and in the long term? Which financing suits which phase? And what possibilities are there?

Especially for all starting entrepreneurs in the Eastern Netherlands region who are looking for financing, we organized an inspiring breakfast session together with various partners. During this How2Finance event we will discuss the various financing instruments. From early stage financing to growth capital. And from subsidies to participation of Business Angels.

This meeting was organized by Briskr. Briskr inspires, supports and helps to expand your impact. Whether you’re a startup, scaleup or grownup, Briskr will help you take the next step in your journey of innovation and business development in Health & High Tech.