Anna Walesieniuk: meaningful work in exciting times

24 December 2022 -

The Health & High Tech industries are still seen as predominantly male, but in fact women are paving the way for the future. We spoke to Anna Walesieniuk about working in this industry - both the fun parts and downsides - and their tips and best practices for future female talent.

When Anna was finishing her studies back in Poland, where she grew up, a delegation from Philips visited her university. They offered her an internship, which brought her to the Netherlands. As a designer of power amplifiers, Anna traveled the world, working in several countries before returning to Nijmegen, where she now works at Ampleon. “The semiconductor world is very international. As part of my work, I met amazing people and was exposed to many cultures all over the world.”

Ampleon’s technology is an important part of the infrastructure needed to make phone calls or establish an internet connection. “Macro base stations are my portfolio. I am basically advertising the work Ampleon designers do; my former job. It is important for us to maintain close connections with big companies in the phone industry, like Nokia. Our products are reliable, and that’s what I convey to our partners.”

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