Housing facilities

A new research building, further developing the Goffert area and working on a long-term vision for the Winkelsteeg district. Novio Tech Campus is expanding. This way we can maintain our offer: tailor-made housing opportunities in Health and High Tech.


// Build your future

Looking for an inspirational environment to build your own premises? Novio Tech Campus offers plenty of opportunities. In 2017 EPR Partner was the first to realise their own building at the campus. High Tech company NTS clustered three business locations into one hypermodern building at our campus in 2020.


R&D: labs & cleanrooms

Together with Kadans Science Partner, we can develop, build and manage buildings with laboratories for knowledge-intensive businesses and institutes throughout the Netherlands. We are acquainted with various types of laboratories and cleanrooms, and are aware of the wishes, requirements and possibilities of the various laboratories. This way we can provide optimal advice in these areas.


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Together with our partners, we offer everything you need to grow.


52 Nijmegen

// Innovation landmark

The iconic 52Nijmegen was added to the portfolio of Kadans at the end of 2017, marking an enrichment and expansion of Novio Tech Campus. The naem of the building is a reference to the location of the building, the 52nd longitude. The addition of 52Nijmegen complements and enhances Novio Tech Campus by upgrading and expanding its accommodation offer. It also adds flexibility, by having the opportunity to move tenants between the various buildings. 52Nijmegen currently houses various business active in the semiconductor, High Tech and consultancy sector.


// tailor-made

Novio Tech Campus has multiple office options in multiple buildings. From large to small offices and shared offices and flex spaces. It is possible to customize the offices. According to your own work routing, whether or not in combination with other spaces and facilities such as clean rooms or laboratories. Together with our partner, Kadans Science Partner, we can think along with you about the right design and can take care of the entire process.




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